Gag Reflections: Conquering a Fear of Vomit Through Exposure Therapy

Emetophobia—the disproportionate fear of vomiting or being in the presence of someone vomiting—affects millions of people yet is seldom discussed.

Until now.

Part-memoir, part clinical history, Dara Lovitz’s brutally honest account of her life as an emetophobe traces her journey from debilitating phobia to life in recovery.

Written with her therapist, Dr. David Yusko, her story unravels the mystery of emetophobia. Lovitz spent years trying a combination of traditional talk therapy and self-help books—nothing seemed to reduce her anxiety. In desperation, she tried the most radical approach available: exposure therapy. With an experienced therapist’s guidance, she systematically exposed herself
to the very thing she had avoided all her life. Within weeks she showed signs of improvement and within months she had overcome emetophobia.

Read about her journey and how exposure therapy changed her life. Also learn about this unconventional treatment that helps phobics across the world conquer the anxiety and phobia that had for so long compromised their quality of life.

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