Catching Falling Cradles
(A Gentle Approach to Classic Rhymes)

This playful rewrite offers readers peaceful alternatives to classic children’s rhymes. The three blind mice don’t suffer from having their tails chopped off with a carving knife, Humpty Dumpty doesn’t tumble to permanent destruction, and other common rhymes don’t depict disturbing scenarios that might otherwise frighten your child. With witty lyrics and beautiful illustrations, this charming, must-read book will delight readers of all ages.

Catching Falling Cradle

Reviews for Catching Falling Cradles

“Ms. Lovitz’s wonderful take on classic nursery rhymes is a welcome addition to any library. Start singing the songs her way to your babies and they will never know it should be any different – and you leave them with happy thoughts, instead of the alternative.”

-P.A. Mayers

“This is beautifully written and illustrated. What a refreshing and positive approach to these nursery rhymes!”

“This is an absolute must for anyone with children!”

“Wonderful stories that show a peaceful, gentle retelling of classics. I would highly recommend this book. Should be on every bookshelf.”

-Amazon customers

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